Laboratory Testing

Full service laboratory meeting your geotechnical or construction needs.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur AASHTO accredited materials lab provides soils, aggregate, and materials testing for all manner of building, airport, and highway projects throughout Montana.  Some of our lab services include:

  • Classification / ASTM and USDA
  • Atterberg limits / Plasticity
  • Proctor / Moisture-density curves
  • Consolidation / Swell with deflection and time rate curves
  • Direct shear / Internal Friction Angle
  • Corrosivity / MDT and DIPRA
  • Sieve analysis / Hydrometer
  • California bearing ratio (CBR)
  • Material mix designs
  • Aggregate source acceptance properties

Our full service lab maintains expert personnel and calibrated equipment to offer accurate results and expedited turnaround, keeping your project on schedule.