Geotechnical Engineering

Creating Solutions from the Ground Up

Geotechnical engineering is a critical component of any earth-supported structure or facility. SK Geotechnical provides a full range of geotechnical evaluations for highways, bridges, commercial buildings, dams, water systems, wastewater facilities, industrial facilities, and many other types of projects.

We listen to your needs to understand your project.

Our professionals become an integral part of your design and construction team. Having our own drill rigs and full-service soils laboratory allows us to more readily mobilize to sites and evaluate the engineering properties of the soils with a goal of completing the work on time.

Our geotechnical engineers have the necessary experience to evaluate the subsurface soil, bedrock, and groundwater conditions for your site, then provide the recommended design parameters and solutions. We maintain communication throughout the geotechnical evaluation to deliver successful projects for long-term performance.

Briarwood Water Tank Drilled Piers

Geotechnical Services

    • Subsurface Exploration and Testing
    • Foundation Analysis and Design
      • Shallow-spread footings
      • Mat foundations and slabs
      • Driven piling and drilled piers
    • Geotechnical Engineering Reconnaissance and Geologic Hazard Identification
    • Seismic Hazard and Liquefaction Analysis
    • Slope Stability Analysis and Design
      • Slope Inclinometer Installation and Monitoring
      • Detailed Computerized Slope Stability Modeling
      • Soil Nails and Tiebacks
      • Sheetpile Walls

Laurel Intake Structure Cofferdam

  • Dynamic Pile Testing
  • Pavement Condition and Thickness Design
    • Condition Surveys and Crack Mapping
    • AASHTO Thickness Design
    • Asphalt and Portland Cement Concrete
    • Recycled Asphalt and Base
    • Cement-treated Base and Subgrade
    • Subgrade stabilization with mechanical (geotextiles) and chemical treatment
    • Full-depth recycling (FDR)
  • SPT Hammer Calibration

Toston Test Pile Static Load Test