We have our own drill rigs to get the work done.

SK Geotechnical has three fully equipped drill rigs making us the largest hollow-stem auger drilling company in Montana. We provide dependable, competitive geotechnical and environmental drilling services. Drilling services are provided throughout Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Oregon, Washington, North Dakota, and Idaho.

Drill Rigs

Drill rig red truck mountains montana

Diedrich D-120 Drillrig drilling Ennis Airport in Ravalli County, Montana

Blue drill rig cliffs Billings Montana Rubber Tracked

Rubber Tracked Mobile B57 Drillrig drilling Billings Watertank Addition in Billings, Montana

CME 75HT Drill rig Montana

CME 75 High Torque Drillrig drilling Ravalli County Airport in Ravalli County, Montana
















Diedrich D-120

This drill rig is our powerhouse!  With over 18,000 foot-pounds of torque, the D-120 is one of the largest, privately owned, hollow-stem drill rigs in Montana.  More torque allows us to drill deeper, faster, and provide more detailed subsurface soil, bedrock, and groundwater information for the project.

Mobile B57

Have a site with difficult access?  Our Mobile B57 is fitted with 24-inch wide rubber tracks, making it capable of traversing 1:1 slopes allowing it to exert a ground pressure of only 6 pounds per square inch!  This allows our team to navigate the rig via remote to areas that would otherwise require cutting in and creating temporary access roads, saving you time and money.

CME 75 High Torque

Our CME 75HT rig is our workhorse.  Light and lean, this rig is perfect for work with limited turning radii that our D-120 might have difficulty getting to.  Don’t let its size fool you though, this dependable rig will help our team get your job done!


Full Range of Capabilities

In addition to the specialties noted above, all our drill rigs are capable of the following drilling techniques and applications.

  • Hollow-stem auger borings
  • Environmental monitoring well and piezometer installation
  • Standard penetration tests
  • Thin-walled and California tube sampling
  • Hazardous site drilling
  • Triple tube systems for HQ and NQ
  • Rotary drilling and casing advancement
  • Slope inclinometer installation/monitoring
  • Power auger borings
  • Portable steam cleaning of sampling equipment
  • Portable mud tank to recycle drilling fluids

Our crews have a broad understanding of drilling procedures and specifications, including applicable American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and various state requirements for projects involving landfills, tank removals, environmental site assessment, and all types of construction projects.

Members of our drill crews receive numerous certifications and training, including Hazwoper, Railroad, MSHA, DOT, C-Stop, Loss Prevention Safety, and site-specific safety training.